Brighthorse & Darkstar in The Dawn of the Slugmaster


Brighthorse and Darkstar; two private detectives with a taste for trouble and an appetite for disruption. Created by Greg Fisher the idea for the comic duo was originally envisaged as a short webisode series in which we would see the two hapless heroes pitted against colourful villains and impossible odds. The underlying themes were nostalgia and comedy. “I wanted to create something that was like a hybrid of Batman and Robin meets Starsky and Hutch.

Having produced this short film for a second year project in University, the format was changed and brought back to its roots for a third year project which involved the creation of a comic. “The principles are the same between a film and a comic, except that the comic does not require taking much further than the storyboard…it is the storyboard! It just has to be more detailed and elaborate. Sequential art links any visual medium like this and I really enjoying taking the characters to the traditional comic format. You can create a lot more and let your imagination take over, simply because there is virtually no budget required. You want cop cars, dramatic sets or a more atmospheric aesthetic? With a comic that’s a whole lot easier!”

Greg created the comic by taking photographs against a green screen and using Adobe Photoshop to cut out the actors and place them against elaborate backdrops. “I had great fun sourcing royalty free images from the web and altering them to look more authentic and a little less photo-realistic. It was the actors that really made it fun and brought it to life; turning up a on a hot day in costume and employing the statue-acting technique – which is harder to do than you may think.”

Another short film entitled ‘Brighthorse and Darkstar: Private Knights (#1 – Checkmate)’ is in post-production now and will be released very soon, so keep a look out for that.

In the meantime catch up with our heroes here, in The Dawn of the Slugmaster!
Click the image below to read online now.


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