Looking back on 2013

2013 has been a monumental year for us here at Perygl Productions, allowing us as a team to take huge strides forward in a professional capacity. In this post we thought we would take a brief look over the past 12 months and the wonderful things we have experienced.

We kicked the year off wishing everyone well with a good first year behind us and our rebrand ready to launch us forward, but none of us knew what an amazing year lay ahead.

At the beginning of the year we started to work with Swansea City Football Club and their community trust programme, particularly with their Ladies football team. We went down to the ground every few weeks and filmed their matches and we put together highlight packages for the club. We also filmed promotional videos for the many initiatives they run such as International Women’s Day, Healthy Eating Initiative and various promos/interviews for the Community Trust programme.

After this we visited the Ffresh festival which  was held in Wrexham this year. The team had a great time listening to the experts talking about what the things that we love about film and media. From the Mill to a company called Tomato – it was an insightful and fun experience.

We then went on to visit Dyffryn House and Gardens to film a promotional video and take accompanying photography for the National Trust. This project later led us onto visiting the Dolocauthi Gold Mines to  film another promotional video and accompanying photographs for them.

After this we were approached by the Celtic Media Festival 2013, to make a video to open their show. We made our best video of the year, a tribute to the sights and sounds of South Wales, celebrating the culture and diversity of the area we all lived in over the past few years. It was the highlight of the year to be able to open the festival and present our film to the top people in the industry. The festival itself was also great fun and an opportunity to network and learn from industry experts.

After these amazing few months, we were reaching the end of our time at university. It had been a fantastic three years and we were hard at work on finalising our dissertations. As we finished up our final pieces and handed them in, we decided to spend the last month or so making one last film with our new cohorts – Pnut, Rhi and Matt. Out of this came Pnut’s film Omelette, which should be coming to a digital screen near you soon. It was great fun to finish our university years in this way.

After this we held two events at the university to celebrate the fact that we were the last ever film department to pass through Lampeter’s doors. We held a screening of everyone’s dissertation films before having a big bash at the local theatre with funny sketches and videos celebrating the end of an era.

Speaking of end of an era, that was exactly what was next, as Greg, David, Rhi, Alex, Rokas and Matt all graduated from the University of Wales Trinity St David Lampeter in an emotional but fun day. It was a time to celebrate what we had achieved, but our eyes and ambitions were fixated on the future.

After an incredible 7 months, everyone took a break to rejuvinate themselves. After a short break, Pnut, Rhi and Greg moved to Newport where they are currently studying for a MA in Film at the Newport Film School and David is currently runninng the digital operations of the country’s leading health product wholesaler whilst preparing himself for a move down to Newport in the coming 6 months.
Everyone has been busy working hard on projects such as Omellette and finalising dissertations and other bits of work. In the coming days we shall make a few announcements of what is to come in the next 12 months.

Meanwhile, here are a few more photos to celebrate 2013 and from all of us here at Perygl Productions –


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