The Oscars are upon us!

That’s right, it’s that time of year again, when insignificant awards are handed out to filmmakers and actors and the like for their contributions to the films of the last 12 months. This years Academy Awards are going to be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres – sounds thrilling – and will be the 86th annual meeting, live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

A few thoughts on this years nominees – I am shocked and appalled that ‘Rush’ has not been nominated for anything – I thought it was a shoe-in and one of the best pictures of last year. No nominations for ‘The Great Gatsby’ – not a film I enjoyed, but one I thought would be up there – and nothing for Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’. I am dissapointed – yes – surprised – no. I am almost always disappointed with the short lists for Oscar nominee’s due to the politics and backslapping of the Hollywood folk, but regardless it is what it is.

Anyway, before the big show tomorrow, I thought I would proffer a brief run-down of my predictions and hopes for the major categories.

I  bet that Best Picture will likely go to ’12 Years a Slave’, despite it’s poor BAFTA performance, I  guess it will run away with American audiences. My choice would have to be ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, a great and daring film that doesn’t pander to anyone’s principals.

Best Director I think will therefore end up being Steve McQueen, but I would give the nod to Alfonso Cuaron for the great job he achieved with ‘Gravity’, which is a fine film.

Best Actor will, I think,  will likely go to Chiwetel Ejiofor for his performance in ’12 Years A Slave’ but I would  give an Oscar to the most consistent actor of the last decade – Lenoardo DiCaprio for ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

Best Actress will probably go to Sandra Bullock for her wonderful performance in ‘Gravity’ and for this one I would wholeheartedly agree – she is back on form this year.

Best Supporting Actor will likely go to Barkhad Abdi for his role in ‘Captian Phillips’ after his BAFTA win. However as good a performance he gave – and his heart-warming rise from limousine driver to acting fame – I would rather the award go to Michael Fassbender for ’12 Years a Slave’.

Best Supporting Actress I would give to Jennifer Lawrence for her performance in ‘American Hustle’ – a rubbish film but a great performnance. The award I reckon might go to June Squibb for ‘Nebraska’ this year though.

In terms of writing, I think Best Writing – Original Screenplay will go to Bob Nelson for ‘Nebraska’ but I would have to say Woody Allen for ‘Blue Jasmine’ should take the crown.

Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay will likely go to ’12 Years a Slave’ and John Ridley as it sweeps the awards for the night but I think the most deserving nomination of the night would be to hand it to Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope for ‘Philomena’.

Well that’s that for now, we will bring you a round up and a review of what happened on the night early next week. Enjoy the show!

By David Roberts

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